Wine training and consultancy that increases your average spend and has a direct impact on your bottom line.


This is for real people.

Motivate your team and create Wine Legends in your business.


Our e-learning platform is designed with animation & gamification that instils winning mentality & adds value through interaction.


Designed to make your team ‘wine confident’, grow your average spends & increase customer happiness.


Grain to Grape kicked off in the summer of 2018 and we started running super relaxed, informal wine tasting and education events for the hospitality industry at some of the UK’s top venues. 
After being recognised for a profitable, no-nonsense, industry-leading approach to wine training, some of the UK’s top wine suppliers started outsourcing Grain to Grape for training some of their key accounts.

Grain to Grape offers a full, 360◦ wine training and consultancy designed to help your wine category thrive.

The wine industry can be pretentious and training often focuses on the more boring end of facts and figures about wine. We want to share all of our knowledge about every single wine you sell so that your teams are more confident, knowledgeable and engaging when it comes to selling your wine to your guests. We are here to democratise wine knowledge for everyone.

Our next generation wine training is ultimately focused on growing your profits, not just to give lots of facts about wine to tick a training box. We are all here to make profit and Grain to Grape has designed every wine training module unashamedly around commerciality and making more profit.

We have now launched a shiny new e-learning platform for your team, designed to bring confidence to your team, growth to your wine category and better wine service for your guests.

No more red trousers and tweed sports jackets please. This is real training for real people.

Harry Crowther- Founder & Legend

7 years of deep wine making and selling experience. Harry has worked on every part of the wine process across northern and southern hemispheres. He has worked at the luxury end and entrepreneurial end of the wine industry, he has walked miles in your shoes. Famously, Harry, got his hands and feet dirty along the way. Wine is his life and Harry wants to share that passion with everyone.
Squished it, made it, wrote about it, sold it, trained it.

Knowledgeable, passionate and experienced

Casual dining consultant with a proven track record of success

Founder @ Grain to Grape

Editorial Contributer: The Buyer (

Imbibe Personaility of the Year Nominee 2018 & 2019

WSET/IWSC Future 50 Nominee