Why the wine game has enjoyed a ‘good’ pandemic in the off-trade off the back of the trauma mindset.

Type ‘trauma’ into Google and the first line will say: ‘an emotional response to a terrible event’. 

Safe to say that the pandemic qualifies for this. But what does that mean for the average wine drinker in the UK and beyond? 

My latest piece with The Buyer outlines that the trauma mindset has quite possibly affected wine drinkers. In times of trauma, we revert to the more familiar, home comforts in our lives. For me (and possibly you), that’s wine. With no money to spend in our favourite bars and all that, 100% of our wine spends have pointed at the off-trade. Supermarkets, online retailers and independent wine shops have all enjoyed a ‘good’ pandemic as UK wine consumption didn’t budge, regardless of Covid-19. 

But it is the spending patterns of the consumer that is what interests me. A focus on the familiar, coupled with the sub-conscious need to look after ourselves (wine therapy) has seen spend hikes in the old guard. Ave spends from Chile, NZ & Oz are up, as we have been looking for premium familiarity.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future trends look like for the off-trade wine scene now that we are back out in the pub. And whilst hospitality has been hit super hard, it’s good to know that the wine aisle is stronger than ever. 

It will be these trends that shape how we look at writing our wine lists going forwards. 


Harry Crowther

Founder & Legend