Understanding the different types of people that walk through your doors in hospitality is crucial to having a thriving wine category. Here is one demographic that you need to be making the most out of with a great wine list and staff training.

Whether we like him or not, we all need a bit of Ryan in our lives.

This guy is good for business, he will spend money, regardless of how much he can actually afford and will often overspend.

Him and his friends are out and about as much as possible and love a selfie to paste across their social media channels.

This group massively over indexes on population size versus consumption. They represent 11% of the consumer whilst chinning a whopping 26% of the juice in the trade (Wine Intelligence).

They might not always be the most pleasant for your team to deal with- especially after a few bevvy’s, but hopefully the above gives you an idea of how important Ryan and the Revellers are to business.

Keeping on top of social media is important, advertise your deals and offerings to make sure you capture this segment. If you can, take a couple of drinks off the bill at the end and make a point of it to ensure repeat business.

Always challenge the group on their choice of drink, look for the upsell where you can, more often than not it will bring value to their experience, your teams confidence levels and your bottom line.

For a full list of who you are serving, head on over to my article at The Buyer


Harry Crowther,

Founder & Legend