My article with The Buyer last week suggests that the more you keep in touch with your staff through lockdown, the happier they are. And happy staff means a happy customer.

It’s encouraging to see that 65% of business leaders have touched base with Furloughed staff at least on a weekly basis (source: CGA Vodcast), and that 92% now feel that they have ‘good’ employee engagement (VS 80% prior to COVID)- impressive all round, I reckon.

The most important type of communication here has to be wellbeing support. Job uncertainty and the associated issues around mental health places responsibility on business leaders to make sure their staff are keeping well.

But does your team feel like they are growing through this period of downtime?

And should the next most important line of communication be training and development?

A team that feels like they have been nurtured and motivated is one that we all want.

Personal growth and communication are so important at the moment.

It is great for mental health, for the CV, and it’s more likely to bring instant value to the customer experience and the business when doors open.

Ideas for staff communications that benefit the staff

Wellbeing & support

As frequently as possible.

Offer 1:1 chat/Zoom/Clubhouse outlets for staff to speak on- Clubhouse is great…

Training and development

Touch base with your suppliers and key producers- how can they help to engage your staff

E.g. I will soon be moderating a zoom call soon with a client and one of their producers to educate and engage the team about their wines.

Additional Perks

Set competitions that can be done from home. Challenge the team to have some input into purchasing decisions and menu tweaks- “the best idea gets the listing”, or something like that…

Career pathway support

Management courses for the right candidates.

Keep your staff engaged, they need you and we all need them.



Harry Crowther, Founder