Motivating training and frequent communication with hospitality teams through lockdown carries a three-pronged benefit. This week’s roundup focuses on the customer.

Keeping your team engaged through the lockdown will be central to making sure that they are delivering a first-class experience for your customers who can’t wait for some service!

We should remember that many cautious customers will be choosing a venue according to their COVID compliance, so making sure that your staff are not only PPE’d up, but also know the COVID protocols inside out will be important.

There will be opportunities for the upsell, so making sure the team is well trained up on how to do this is key.

The most important factor has got to be the customer experience, service and safety. Touching base with the team on these three topics towards reopening will benefit the customer journey no-end. It’s current and relevant.

Ideas for staff communications that benefit the Customer

COVID Compliance

Making sure that the team knows all protocols inside out. Internally, you could promote staff up to COVID compliance officers (a great staff development benefit there too).

Revisit the wine list

Do you have cheat sheets to share with the staff? Focus on a red/white/pink wine of the week. Does your team know how to recommend and offer choice to customers? (They are screaming for that recommendation)

Steps of service

A huge part of the customer journey from first contact to the bill drop. These will have been forgotten by many. Make sure the team has been refamiliarised with these, find a way to quiz them, offer an incentive for those who perform the best.


Harry Crowther, Founder