The final benefit of frequent lines of communication with your team is that of your business.

We have outlined the gains for staff and customers (check the blog if you missed). But in order for both to have a place to work and visit respectively, business needs to be as sustainable as possible and hit the ground running.

Communications with staff now, will aid this immensely.

Making sure that the team is knowledgeable and have been looked after through the lockdown will reflect naturally on to customers.

Throw in some great product training and COVID compliance awareness to settle the guests nerves and provide them with great recommendations: sounds like success.

Better training will increase average spends and service. But it needs to be done in a way that the guest feels like they are getting value, and not in a way that makes them feel like they are being squeezed. Magnetic training about your wine list through lockdown will support this. Work on an upsell strategy- boom!

Ideas for staff communications that benefit the Business

Supplier/Producer input

Get in touch with the supply chain and ask them to engage with the staff on the more premium products on your list.

Revise steps of service

Make sure these now fold in with COVID compliance and engage the staff.

Formulate an upselling strategy

Bear in mind this doesn’t always have to be aimed at selling more premium wines. It’s about the experience. The customer is craving it. A trade-down might sound silly, but if there is perceived value then that’s worth more than an extra £5 in the bank.

Upselling doesn’t have to be drastic. Taking a guest from a £5 to a £6 glass is the best place to start. It will build the confidence of the team; won’t make the customer feel like you are pushing them, and in time will lead to a healthy average spend.


Harry Crowther, Founder