“Wine training that increases average spend & has direct impact on bottom line”

Big thanks to The Chief, Richard Siddle at The Buyer for my latest Q&A session, read the full article here

The wine training landscape in the UK and beyond is set to change.

New mindsets will see reduced travel and the increase of online and virtual communication and training.

Producers and suppliers should be starting to think about how they are going to communicate with, and train the on and off-trade going forwards.

Moving things to a digital, online medium makes sense. Not only does it cater for how we go about our new daily lives but eLearning provides invaluable data and insight that has been sorely missed in the training landscape for too long.

I have done it myself; got myself in front of a team of bartenders and servers, waxed lyrical about the wines on their list, soil types, barrel ageing vintage characteristics. One by one, I could see the lights switching off behind the eyes of my audience. How can we measure that engagement? What are the benefits to the wine list and the business? Is it a waste of time?

Sure, there will always be members of the team who want to champion the wine list (legends), and those guys need to be nurtured.

The days of ‘obligatory’ wine training that just ticks a box are behind us. eLearning that is modern, relevant and most importantly, inspires confidence is on the way.

It is trackable and measured. With Grain to Grape will know the engagement rates, we will know who the high performers and potential legends are and we will know where your team needs a bit of TLC on their knowledge journey.

Key Motivations:

· Wine Confidence

· Getting your best wines on to the table

· Motivated teams

· Happy customers

· Profitability

· Team and customer retention

… the list goes on

Aside from a long list of motivations for Grain to Grape, the pandemic has amped up the raw need for modern, profitable wine training that can be measured, analysed and fed back to those that matter: the team.


Harry Crowther, Founder