So what is all of this magical training content about?

The launching platform will be complete with two modules. But we are hoping to grow by two more modules a year, so watch this space.

Module 1: Wine Confidence

Confidence trumps knowledge when it comes to service with guests. People buy from people, so module 1 helps to put your team in a ‘wine confident’ state of mind.

Tasting Skills: this is the cornerstone of Grain to Grape and what we quickly became recognised for. Wine tasting doesn’t need to be complicated at all. How many times have you read a tasting note and thought, “I have no idea how I would pick up those flavours”, or “what does rich and opulent actually mean in the context of a wine description?”.

Here we strip back this process, focus on the physical makeup of a wine, and build from there.

Key grapes, winemaking and fizz: wine confident teams need to know this. Having this core understanding of production and styles is invaluable when they come into contact with guests.

Module 2: Becoming a Legend

This is what sets Grain to Grape apart. Becoming a legend teaches your team the art of upselling.

There are a few psychological tips and tricks that need to be used here, and they work, trust me!

At a glance it looks commercial, but it will bring growth in wine spends and profitability and it’s a process that’s also crucial for the guest. A team that pulls customers through your wine list is one that brings benefit to the customer and the business in the long term.

To request a demo, drop me a line at CHEERS@GRAINTOGRAPE.CO.UK


Harry Crowther, Founder