Anybody with a wine list who doesn’t have a sommelier!

Feeding off from my latest Q&A session with The Buyer, let’s talk about who can benefit the most from Grain to Grape’s modern wine training…

If you sell wine, then the chances are that there is a bit of room for growing your average spends.

Frontline members of staff are best placed to benefit both themselves, the guest and the business.

The eLearning element of Grain to Grape is really there for your team and puts them in a great position to bring value to customers and the wine category at the same time.

The Cellar & NewsFeed Channels

Producers and suppliers are going to have to think about how they communicate with their customers post lockdown. The educational and commercial benefits of Grain to Grape are great…but the platform also doubles up as a highly effective communication tool. This will streamline communications between the team, the suppliers, and their producers. I believe that pulling these guys closer together in turn, pulls the producers closer to guests as well.

Communications can be measured and engagement can be tracked. The Cellar and NewsFeed will support audio and video content as well as written for anybody with great, educational and valuable content for our users.

Whether you are a small group with a couple of sites, a 20+ site pub group, or a 100+ site restaurant operator, there is always room for profitable wine training and measurable communications throughout your team.

We now operate in a market where the customer wants to spread their wings. They want to be challenged to try new things at the table, things that they might not go for off the shelf. So, we need teams that can take this challenge, thrive in this new environment, and become legends.

Who doesn’t want modern wine training that has an impact on the bottom line?


Harry Crowther, Founder