How asking, listening & connecting with your guests put them in a comfortable state & leads to a more profitable service. 

I’m not talking about comfy chairs, although, that’ll help. In fact, my girlfriend tends to choose where she goes out for a drink based on how comfortable the seats are. And I suppose, the more comfortable the seating, the longer one is likely to spend at a venue, and time is money, as they say. 

But comfort wears many dresses. And what is one of the best ways to make your guest uncomfortable

Plonk a wine list in front of them.  

This isn’t a post about how the customer perceives a wine list, that’s another kettle of fish. But there are ways to put them at ease, particularly when it comes to the wine service. 

If you’ve been following the last few posts, you will know I have been banging on about asking questions. It’s important to encourage the team to keep this habit up when it comes to the wine list, even if they are not very wine confident. 

Simple questions about personal preferences are so important;

“What is your favourite wine?”

“Why do you like wines from…?”

“How do you feel about the wines of…?”

Now if you aren’t confident that your team can deal with the answers they receive from the guest, that’s ok. At this point it might be time to pass the customer over to one of the more wine knowledgeable members of the team. But the good work has already started.  

Train them to listen to the answers, and do their best to make a connection with them. It could be anything; a guest who might have said the same thing recently. Or a holiday somebody went on recently to that part of the world- anything. 

Teaching teams to make connections with guests leads to a much, much more comfortable experience which, in turn, will lead to a much more profitable service.

I don’t know about you, but I would sooner spend money with a server who has asked me a question, clearly listened to what I have to say and actually come back to me with a comment that is relevant to what I told them. 

I’ll be much more likely to put my hand into my pocket. 

Ask. Listen. Connect. Profit.


Harry Crowther

Founder & Legend